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İnheritance and succession procedures

We would like to consult you in assets (bequest)

Help with estate settlements resp. the order of an estate administration

Because of the given power of authority to us we pick up detailed information from all involved parties. For example the assets in the banks at the day of death, insurance benefits, funeral pension contracts, foreign accounts and much more. Tax authorities, creditors and others will informed by a lawyer over the context of the estate settlements and the facts of matter and may be asked for patience. Together with you a processing concept will be developed, which in the period following step by step is then processed expeditiously and effectively.

The estate settlements and estate administration

The central tasks of the executor are as follows:

• the audit of the estate inventory,

• the establishment of an inventory of assets and liabilities,

• the settlement of open issues,

• mediating between the coheirs,

• the defense against unjustified claims of creditors and tax authorities,

• the preparation of income- and inheritance tax returns,

• developing a plan for the conservation or exploitation of the inheritance.

As delegated administration of estates and in cooperation with lawyers, we clarify all legal problems. As part of the settlement of the inheritance asset values are often liquidated and divided among the heirs with reference to a dispute plan. Possibly also a certificate of inheritance has yet to be issued. In these cases, we take all the  formalities and we audition in court for a quick issue within the meaning of the estate administration.


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