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Our Service

For the graceful accompaniment of the deceased on his last journey, many preparations are necessary, just in the time of grief it can be very tedious for the bereaved. What's to do?

We can offer you, as our service as follows:

First steps after the occurence of the case of death

  • After the coroner's inquest the death certificate will handed over, which is needed to inform the registry office about the case of death
  • The registry office will informed about the case of death 
  • The registry office will issue the death certificate.
  • An undertaker has to be informed
  • We repatriate up to 36 hours after the actual death resp. after the issuance of the death certificate and take care of all international and required authorities and customs formalities for the repatriation.

We arrange the preparation for locally burials

  • To clothe, embed and to put the deceased in a coffin (Is carried out usually by the undertaker)
  • Organization of the storage of the death body  (cold store)
  • Ordering of the coffin
  • Determination of the date of burial and disclosure
  • Notify church or religious community
  • Organize parish priest or orator
  • Selection grave resp. the cemetery administration is to contact
  • Arrange music performance
  • Order flower arrangements, order wreaths (wreath loop text)
  • Order grave decorations at the florist
  • Order of the tomb stone at the stonemason
  • Open a condolence book
  • To preach the funeral
  • Care of the grave stipulated

After the funeral we are also available for you

After the funeral some legal regulations must be observed. For example, should the deceased received from signed contracts and out of obligations dissolved resp. if necessary the contracts have to be changed. Much could and would You like to do by yourself. But there are also purely administrative matters, which you maybe would like to give to an expert. Also, this ways we can go for You to relieve you in Turkey.

  • An existing testament of the deceased has to give to the probate court, probate indemnity, opening of the testament
  • If necessary grant a certificate of heirship (probate), responsible is the probate court which also consult, whether to issue a certificate of inheritance is useful in your case.
  • Notify pension insurance institute or the employer
  • Necessary claim the retirement continued payment (German: "Sterbevierteljahr”)
  • Motor vehicles (including trailers!) automobile notice of departure or notification of change of address
  • Liquidation or termination of insurances (e.g. pension fund/benefits plan, third party liability-, household-, motor vehicle- and life insurances)
  • Activation of insurance claims for health insurance, life-, accident-, or death benefit insurance
  • Termination of tenancy agreements or clarifying the continuation
  • Termination of accounts and standing orders resp. contracts with banks or financial institutions and the lock of the credit cards
  • Revoke direct debit authorisation
  • Dissolving of savings contracts (for example, savings accounts, bank books, building loan contracts, discharge securities, sureties, loan agreements, credits, leasing contracts, if it came into an inheritance and to an actual power of disposal
  • Log off radio, television (kabel etc.)
  • Sign out radio und TV-equipments  (ARD, ZDF Germany radio report service and cable companies)
  • Log off energy supply (gas, water, electricity)
  • Log off garbage disposal
  • Unsubscribe telephone (landline, mobile phone, internet, cable)
  • Terminate memberships in associations, organizations, trade unions
  • Terminate subscriptions to newspapers and magazines
  • Notification the adviser and attending physicians of the deceased
  • Information of the tax office
  • Automatic post onward transfer to the relatives, heirs or to an agency